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AI-generated image won an art prize

Mr. Allen's "Theatre D'opera Spatial" won an art prize and artists are angry


During the years 2020–2022, AI significantly advanced. Since then, robots like "Sophia" have been physically interacting with us utilizing a variety of artificial intelligences. Due to their exceptional and breathtaking performance and talent, AI image generators were well-known on the first day they were introduced. The most effective at showcasing their items to customers are businesses like Midjourney and DALL.E.

Colorado State Fair painting contest

The annual Colorado State Fair painting competition was conducted a while back, and Mr. Allen, who entered his work utilising Midjourney, was awarded one of the prizes. Mr. Allen refused to reveal the name of the AI-generated artwork, "Theatre D'opera Spatial," but it contains some hints regarding the inputs. The artwork was created utilising Mr. Allen's input. Because he didn't personally sketch the artwork, some of the artists became upset with him and claimed that he had essentially cheated in the competition. Since AI generators can create two months' worth of labour in a couple of seconds far better, they are concerned about their future. The other side of the argument believes Mr. Allen is eligible for this art competition since there is no rule against computer created images and because Mr. Allen provided the inputs that caused the artificial intelligence to create that image.


An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy.