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Computer Science

Is true randomness possible?

What's the best type and the worst type of randomness? Is it even possible to have TRUE randomness?

What is randomness?

randomness includes choosing items of an array with repeating allowed.

How do we achieve randomness in computers?

There are numerous ways to generate random numbers or choose random items in a set in computers. Throughout the years there has been algorithms to generate random numbers based on time and other sensors on computer devices but even those don't help us reach TRUE randomness

Why we can't achieve true randomness?

Even though some algorithms help us get really good random items/numbers, they still are predictable given the parameters. They all convert given variables and parameters into an output in which we call a random but if we were to give the same parameters all the time, we would get the same output all the time.

Best random generator?

So far atmospheric noise has been the best random generator in ORDINARY computers; however quantom computers are able to generate true randomness by analysing the movement of particles in quantom "realm"

Worst random generator?

In my opinion the worst random generators are humans, they tend try not to pick random numbers or items and also they try to put space between previously chosen numbers which is not randomness is all about