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Space Exploration

Elon Musk vs. Patents

Let's see why Elon Musk doesn't want to patent his companies' innovations in space exploration and transportation (SpaceX, Tesla)

What? Why?

SpaceX and Tesla, two of Musk's beloved children, have recently accomplished new milestones and are consistently coming up with fresh ideas to completely transform the fields of space exploration and electric mobility. Patents are a means to authorise, or better yet, restrict, the use of your technology by others that come along with innovation. Patents, like the licences on github repositories, may restrict what you may do with the technology, although Musk hasn't filed any for his SpaceX or Tesla ventures. Patents, in his opinion, are "usually utilised as a blocking mechanism" to stop others from innovating. They simply prevent others from following you, rather than genuinely advancing things. This was not the first time musk appeared.


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